Get my help with Federal Government services

Do you live in University-Rosedale and need help with the following issues:

  • Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship
    (e.g. visa, sponsorship, work or study permit, refugee claim or sponsorship, citizenship)

  • Passport Canada
    (e.g. passport application, renewal)

  • Service Canada
    (e.g. SIN, EI, OAS benefits)

  • Canada Revenue Agency
    (e.g. income tax)

  • Employment & Social Development Canada
    (e.g. student loans, summer jobs)

  • Veterans Affairs Canada

  • Grants & Funding Opportunities

  • Other Federal Government programs & services

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Other achievements or milestones

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Flags, Pins, etc.

Your Member of Parliament can provide you with Canadian flags, pins, copies of the charter and similar items. Please contact us to request any of these items!

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